On the cover of BTFL magazine

BTFL Magazine 

This is fantastic, I’m so excited to tell you we are on the cover of BTFL magazine.

Brassybra is a second skin technology adhesive bra, a breast tape that mimics the skin by breathing and stretching. 

Brassybra also lift, shape and support the breast. 



 Invisible support for the moment that matters the most. 

Adhesive bra for every women that want to feel free.

Brassybra is weightless you can barely tell you have it on.

BTFL Magazine link:  https://www.btflmag.com



Kat the creator of Brassybra:  I’m a dermatologist and wanted to create a strapless bra that was better for the skin then duct tape. 

When I was getting married in 2012  I couldn’t find a strapless bra that worked under my wedding gown. I realize I had to take matters in own hands and solve the problem so I made a adhesive bra for myself, after a while I also noticed that many girls had the same problem, not finding a strapless bra that actually worked. I have now used some years to make the perfect shape, fabric and medical adhesive and in 2015 Brassybra was born and I could share my story to all the girls that have the same problem. I opened the website March 8th 2016. And now a year after, we can finally launch the new colors that we have planned  for a year now. 

Brassybra is also water resistant and sweat proof 


Brassybra for that perfect outfit.