The Brassybra film

The new Instruction video came to life, we had a bunch of Brassybra with us, and fantastic girls that did a marvelous job. Brassybra boob tape everywhere <3 We were at the Helmet studios in Trondheim (Norway) With Headspin reklamebyrå

We are so exited to finally have the film finished.


Its now possible without the fear of a regular bra showing and ruin the look. Brassybra is an adhesive bra that replaces most bras, it doesn’t fall off, it works up to a size DDDD and gives you lift that you thought was impossible. I have spent a lot of time into researching the perfect combination of material and shape, to give you the best possible breast lift tape imaginable.

Behind the scenes, it was a perfect day with this fantastic girls.

There is more to come, and we are really exited to show you when its finished.